Every website I have direct control over will be joining the #ClimateStrike on Friday (and I'm working on the others). Join in! digital.globalclimatestrike.ne

heck that was some good work on college essay good job past me of 20 minutes ago

Join the Global Climate Strike! If any of y'alls run Mastodon instances, you can also do a digital strike at digital.globalclimatestrike.ne.

@kevin that's one of those classic questions like "if god is good, then why does he allow evil to exist"

happily: https://github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium

@lain @kevin
I think windows 95 was the pinnacle of UI design. Everything since has been more and more pretty, and less and less intuitive.

I'm so bad I'm using chrome save me (or tell me how to make firefox more responsive)

I feel a little self-conscious when I realize that random people actually *are* looking at my github/gitlab repositories.

I really have to get out of the habit of postponing tasks that involve human interaction

I wield the power of billions of transistors in my hand you'd think I could write a stupid essay


(writing, stress, school)(-) 

mostly open call for instances to join jortage

send me an electronic mail at hello@jortage.com or reply to this post or dm me or somesuch if you want to migrate

we've got S3 support for migrations now so you should be Good To Go


deepest truths 

I don't want to contribute to a Chrome hegemony, but at the same time I'll be damned if oppressive monopolies don't produce fast browsers

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