boinc is a great project that more people should use.

tfw the only visitors on your site are googlebot

that feel when all my http request logs are from automated mastodon bots

why the heck does react suspense still not support ssr

Posting about this #gopher thing again in the hopes someone reads it:

RFC 1738 specifies a valid Gopher URL as `gopher://:/` where `<gopher-path>` is one of

- `<gophertype><selector>`
- `<gophertype><selector>%09<search>`

(Ignoring gopher+ because i haven’t even looked at it yet)

The gophertype must be present. The only exception is the top level of a domain, in which the gophertype and selector are implied (‘1’, and ‘/‘, respectively).

If a client wants to share a URL, that URL must include a gophertype, because otherwise another client consuming the URL doesn’t know what kind of thing the selector is.

Thusly, if your gopher sever doesn’t *accept* URLs of this kind, it is, essentially, broken, because no one can save reliable bookmarks for your content.

Does this sound wrong to anyone? Because as far as I can tell nearly every Gopher server gets this wrong.

I just changed every ui theme to light

maybe this was a bad idea

honestly sometimes I wonder about reading the linux kernel's scheduling code and applying it to my own life

I've noticed that when I have a lot of free time, I suffer a scheduling priority inversion where idle (unimportant) tasks get the most processing time.

So I don't get important stuff done.

This is subpar.

ah, so maybe the issue is a poisoned cache in gitlab?

> Creating an optimized production build...

c'mon node, don't fail me now

reading an absolutely remarkable thing makes me wonder if it'd be nice to be famous

sometimes I can't tell if some text is japanese or just incorrectly-encoded mojibake

I'm thinking about writing a blog post detailing my own personal homelab, but then again it's so insecure that I'd probably just tell people how to attack it

I have a need... to publish.

Maybe I should write a blog post.

This feeling is probably brought on by my friend also saying that they're going to start a blog now.

hm, I get Cannot read medium - unknown format with my linux usb floppy. Anyone experienced with some retro foss tech?

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