"And without users, your program is not a program, it's a pointless
piece of code that you might as well throw away."

-Linus Torvalds

and me_irl

amazing how much better I feel after paying down my email debt

imagine if people treated other things like people treat programming

"i'm looking into cooking dinner, i think i'll go with curry"

"LMAOOOOOOO curry?? really? do you have any idea how resource intensive that shit is? i can't cook a curry on my trangea"
"nice, just go ahead and cut off the userbase that can't tolerate spicy food. asshole."
"instant ramen is lightweight, cheap, and fills you up. using anything else is just stupidity for the sake of being able to say 'oooh, look at all the cool things i can do'"
"i ate a curry and my TV stopped getting signal the next week. i don't understand much but i know to stay the fuck away from curry"
"fuck you"

If PDA is public display of affection the PDF is public display of friendship. Thank you for coming to my TED talk,

ugh I want to write this blog post but I really should be working on better things

There's a surprising amount of entropy in one page of text.

So many ways to write something. It wouldn't be hard to generate every possible permutation, but how do you find the ones that are really impactful? The ones that make you feel?

heck I just saw someone using w3m to browse my website?!

It's interesting to see how many actual IPv6 users I get on my blog, thanks to the prevalence of mobile internet connections and NAT64.

Are people popular because they are on Twitter, or do people that are popular just happen to be on Twitter?

Like I'm wondering if I'm missing out or something

(this is probably the worst place to ask this)

how does one know if people are actually reading a blog?

"I’ve been talking about quantum states as two-dimensional vectors. What I didn’t yet mention is that in general they’re complex vectors, that is, they can have complex numbers as entries."



@kevin yes, but do you know what happens when people report vulnerabilities? A lot of the time, nothing.

Good lord can people stop taking advantage of vulnerabilities on Matrix instead of reporting them responsibly

when you revisit a project from 2 years ago and it asks for gradle v2.10

ugh homestuck has become my new obsession again

it's fun to browse through mail headers and read the story of that envelope

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