how does linus media group turn a profit when they buy so much junk

Anyone know good restaurants in San Francisco/San Diego?

running a single-user instance is enough trouble in what i'm sure we'll soon come to think of as the pre-whitelist era

really looking forward to making sure i get on every new approved list

hey, y'all remember email? 😑

enabling federation relays and letting the toots pour in

ah it's nice to be able to nope out and take a nap

me, reading 1984 by George Orwell: gosh, i sure am glad that i'm not living under a surveillance state where my every move and action is recorded and processed, i would really hate for that to be the case

step 1 is now to isolate literally everything from the internet

heck yeah I got networkpolicy working with kubernetes

hello actually having a firewall?!

when gamers say they have a yacht this is what they're talking about

In my short time on the Fediverse, I've learned that most people, even complete strangers, are very friendly and will engage in conversation, short or prolix. I've found it really fun to just reach out and respond to statuses and see if I can make a new friend. Most follows I return in kind (why not?). It's just a fun, refreshing way to communicate, and I am grateful to be here.

biometrics are usernames dammit!

quit pretending they are passwords


*grumble*stupid big tech firms*grumble*

it's kind of weird how few people from I see considering it's got like 300k users

I wonder if this Pleroma relay really helps

faves dont federate so whenever a toot has like 5 faves you know its a home run

always interesting navigating the fediverse and making it to Misskey

time to make my instance public on joinmastodon!

"It's more or less impossible to write a new [browser] engine from scratch now that WWW turned into a pile of overengineered cruft"
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