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me: alexa. open me up a tab on ... sunsets with the sun airbrushed out

cylinder: this is Google Home Cylinder. I'm afraid that your credit rating is too low. im projecting a QR code onto the ceiling. pay 0.000008 bitcoins onto the QR code. using your mind

me: what the fuck. thats more than the GDPR of the world. i mean the GDP of the world!!! the gross domestic pr--

cylinder: look pal, you g

i dont know where the fuck im even going with this toot? what narrative even is this

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at-erinroberts you can follow me and I can't follow you?? ong

how odd I can't reply to them either - it's a blackhole user xd I can't follow because I get a 422 error ;-; I can't follow you because I get a 422 error ;-;

me: "can we take a five minute break?"

me: yes

big L I better not have to do this entire presentation alone

please, charles, send me a zebra covered in nickel-lined hyper cute sheep!

aka the activity series mneumonic

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got a matrix account, should i revive my old jabber account?

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when pleroma is finally Fully Fleshed Out i wonder if people are gonna actually start to realize that they could just basically completely replace existing masto instances with it and it would just be Better

like, clean separation of front and back end so you can serve whatever you want upfront, better tools for handling other instances, significantly lighter on your system, etc
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really weird using small-time torrents; normally I'm used to super anonymous torrenting, but I almost feel like I have a personal relationship to these people on

super cool federating with servers all the way around the world

like I've never been to France (or outside the Americas), but I can talk with people there in seconds! And view their websites and send bits thousands of miles around the world

pleroma on kubernetes when