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hmm kubernetes

man, sway 1.0-alpha.3 is really awesome! Only one bug found so far, and honestly that's better than KDE.

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> be me
> make server literally with the goal of making it easy and cheap to host, because i think it empowers people to host their own infrastructure
> 1 year later
> "hey Pleroma could be pretty good for people without many resources, even if the devs are all horrible people"

well, there goes chem final

MARY HARRIS JONES was an organizer of strikes and riots for the Knights of Labor, who was once imprisoned but then released due to public outcry.

- Sincerely, US History final reviews

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using manjaro linux:
computers are good. i like computers. this computer is nice. hello computer, how are you today? would you mind running this program for me?

using windows 10:
fucking silicon piece of junk can't even launch a damn browser window the fuck is this crap i hope you die you fucking metal shitbox all that fucking molten sand inside you ain't worth shit

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or at least pid1 is in a D state if I use automounts on softlocked NFS volumes *laughs while crying at systemd*
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tfw 11/115 wrong on math review sheet

yay we're on latest glitch-soc now!

upd8? ho dang redraft support

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I love how the loading bar on the top of the mastodon UI is completely fake

while true; do sleep infinity >> self; done

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