can we just hurry up and cure aging

Kind of crazy that people in Iran can't access GitLab because of GCP :/

reading about the NSA's decryption and interception programs is horrifying

Like, yes, at least we know that they do it now. But what can they do that we *don't* know about?

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That's why #nextcloud exists. Don't want to host yourself? Pick a provider!
Dropbox for #Linux is dropping support all Linux filesystems except unencrypted EXT4 in November. Not cool.

@nonphatic kevin@rem  ~  cat /etc/motd
cat: /etc/motd: No such file or directory

TILTED why is discord uptime so bad

@koyu oh yeah that might be why xD

@koyu Seems okay, maybe a little?

Cold time was maybe 4-5 seconds, next reload like 1 second

@kaniini is *that* why freenode is getting wrecked right now?!

it's nice that has an X-Clacks-Overhead header

so full and so unwilling to do anythingg

woot I'm keyed into 6 different networks and can talk in all of them! (Matrix, Discord, IRC, Gitter, SMS, and Telegram!) This must have been what people using pidgin felt like back in the day.

(x-post bridges meta on matrix)

@RyuKurisu @rixx wait isn't that like ed25519? Ed25519 keys are smaller in any case

idk I'm not a cryptographer :B

why does ipfs use so much cpu omg

filecoin is going to be lit

@rixx ed25519 is the best I knew it

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This Week In Matrix is upon us! Hear all about the Decentralised Web Summit,'s bridging improvements,'s spec progress,'s Python 3 breakthroughs, nheko 0.5.2, fractal 3.29.6 and so much more!

steins;gate 0 theme song is so good