There's a surprising amount of entropy in one page of text.

So many ways to write something. It wouldn't be hard to generate every possible permutation, but how do you find the ones that are really impactful? The ones that make you feel?

@TheFerridge I'm using Hugo, so probably anything could do.

I thought about setting up matomo, but seems like a pain - not sure if there's a better option. And of course I don't really want to use Google Analytics.

@MutoShack haha nice!

Hey, designing for text browsers is much better in my opinion than designing for modern JS + React + etc. bloat.

heck I just saw someone using w3m to browse my website?!

It's interesting to see how many actual IPv6 users I get on my blog, thanks to the prevalence of mobile internet connections and NAT64.

@kemonine True probably not worth messing around with it before the thing is working

Are people popular because they are on Twitter, or do people that are popular just happen to be on Twitter?

Like I'm wondering if I'm missing out or something

(this is probably the worst place to ask this)

how does one know if people are actually reading a blog?

"I’ve been talking about quantum states as two-dimensional vectors. What I didn’t yet mention is that in general they’re complex vectors, that is, they can have complex numbers as entries."



@maloki Yeah true, the latest one is less so. I was thinking more the actual hack into Matrix production infrastructure ~1 week ago, which (while it revealed some pretty damning security issues in their infra) seemed pretty ungood in terms of responsible disclosure.

@kevin yes, but do you know what happens when people report vulnerabilities? A lot of the time, nothing.

@maloki I mean, yes, but it's also morally and legally bad to actually exploit another system you don't own.

I could understand if they contacted Matrix, gave them some time (a week, maybe?) to reply, and then released the details publicly. But these recent hacks have been just that - hacks.

@maloki because exploiting deployments with real users is bad

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