The dominos pizza tracker was developed by darpa in the 70s as an early warning system for icbms

A new motivation to maintain good uptime: What if admissions officers are reading while your server is getting rebooted? ;)

aagh's entire website is a nerd snipe

Maybe it's just the post-Ra mental state, but I can't help but imagine the minecraft server I'm running as a little virtual world, transient but doomed, eventually, to shutdown.

Ugh, Ra (the story) just pulled me in like a giant nerd snipe.

And I have an English paper due tomorrow. Wonderful.

mathjax is beautiful and I love whoever made it

you can tell climate change isn't a conspiracy because the majority of governments actually Don't Care about climate change from the numbers - a conspiracy could never have such high appeal


Every website I have direct control over will be joining the #ClimateStrike on Friday (and I'm working on the others). Join in!

heck that was some good work on college essay good job past me of 20 minutes ago

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