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I found a live action movie of Full Metal Alchemist on my dad’s computer.

Just no.
If you scroll up there's a 40% chance it goes down instead.
And if you scroll down there's a 40% chance it goes up instead.

So if you scroll up it just spasms up and down. Then after you've scrolled like 30 clicks upwards, it'll be 2 or 3 spots above where your cursor started.

Pretty sure it's caused by water damage. Darn Norway

study break time!

I feel really guilty for being unproductive in the morning and fussing over my kubernetes cluster that had a meltdown :C

All #signal desktop users should update as soon as possible.

Your systems are at risk:

Affected: #windows #linux

Why are these good news? Well, a known vulnerability is a good vulnerability as soon as it's fixed :) And they are fixed.


PS: Flatpak fix is already landed and will be build and distributed soon.

ugh why does sonarr's database keep corrupting... it's only sqlite!

also good lord I'm too impatient for memtest

*first pass isn't even done*

hey it's good right time to reboot

I didn't even know that computer *had* a pc speaker.

I'm running memtest on an old AMD Athlon X4 and the thing freaking *beeped* when it started up!

Like from the PC speaker!


ho shit new episode of steins;gate 0 is out

or rather it has since yesterday

common name: Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate

Well at least that is explicit.

I should probably also have noticed when I posted the "boost/fav if you can read this, I'm testing federation problems" and nobody responded

okay well hopefully everyone can read me now

and I was wondering why nobody responded to my follow requests tfw

it just uh unqueued everything so y'alls probably got at least 17 thousand pings from the past week of toots

oh my god I'm so sorry to everyone involved

oh you know maybe 8k queued sidekiq jobs is bad

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Private Mastodon instance for potatoes


I mean if you really wanna join I guess you can email/toot me and I'll probably let you in