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i'mma gonna

send hugs

not doing especially great but better than before this morning, still coping, still going on. just... need some time to myself today <3 you all tho

> Linux kills random processes by design. And yet it’s the most popular server-side OS.

ooooof that's pretty close to home

Somehow, goes beyond the usual "wow software is so bloated" and actually rings a bell with me.

Have we lost the art of efficient software development?

I've only slept 4 hours yet my english essay is going fantastically

perhaps I've hit the ballmer peak of sleep?

hmm, is there a mastodon bridge to twitter?

when you search a kernel bug and the only thing you find is the bug report that you filed yourself D:

An accomplishment: I can finally solve systems of equations without making a silly mistake.

Based on a sample size of 5.

The multi-account tab thing that Firefox allows you to do is so brilliant tbh

whew, today was long and probably decently productive

Google Drive has such a stronghold on my school that, if I send someone a link to peer edit on Nextcloud/some other software, there's a 99% chance that they'll just reject it out of hand.

That's kind of depressing.

why can stackoverflow not answer hard questions like c'mon

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I mean if you really wanna join I guess you can email/toot me and I'll probably let you in