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trying to use my mouse on windows after using Linux is like trying to control my computer with a box of wet sponges

Years after I last touched Homestuck, it still affects me.

Hello, irons in the fire.

Social Injustice Warrior: someone furiously offended that they might be asked to treat others civilly.

I guess forkoff didn't really happen did it

WebUSB is so dangerous but so tempting, especially for booting RCM on the Nintendo Switch...

i beg of you to make sense of this with the only context being your basic knowledge of the star wars trilogy

I thought those 12 years of piano lessons were a waste until I discovered #emacs.

what tiny communities are you a part of that are really special?

wait, moving from glitch-soc to mastodon again was so easy!

whew, just had to roll back mastodon db a few days due to corruption

I'm sure this is fone

Well, I guess it's time to get into machine learning, but I have an amd gpu on linux?! Time to install ROCm, I guess

I'm really sensitive about this kind of stuff :)

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Private Mastodon instance for potatoes


I mean if you really wanna join I guess you can email/toot me and I'll probably let you in