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> This morning, Tumblr mass IP-banned entire swaths of @archiveteam volunteers and warrior instances


Thanks, tumblr.

just realized I can auto-scale the archiveteam warrior in kubernetes

hello --scale 20

hey anyone remember tumblr?

they're deleting all NSFW blogs.

it's time to save them.

download the archiveteam warrior at and help contribute to the preservation!

me: oh no! I have like 3 bad blocks on my hdd!

also me: *marks out 3000 bad blocks in ext4* that'll do 'er

like sometimes I just find random servers that Matrix/Mastodon are connecting to in iftop and then I go to them

I wonder if other people browse my personal website randomly like I browse others

gitlab logs:

2018-12-02_00:38:38.34684 Waiting for unicorn to die...

who is this joey and why is he trying to log into my publicly available ssh instance

it's like spooky action at a distance, but *good*

PLAY [all] *******************************************************************************************************************

ahah I need more ram but can't afford it so I'm investing in 24 GB of swap thank you

3x the size, 6 GB memory usage on an 8 GB PC, 20 fps?!

you leave firefox nightly running for 4 hours on your 16GiB machine and when you wake up your swap usage is nearly 50%

how did I not know that deltarune is a thing

there goes my weekend aaaAA

It's kind of spooky how we've all forgotten that the NSA monitors us.

anyone know if a way to modify the embedded controller/write to its registers on an HP laptop with linux?

Trying to do a self-made battery limiter for HP laptops.

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