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email is such a "spooky action at a distance" tool

now I have to update my node and everything uwu

wtf why did Ethereum stop its hard fork literally less than a day before schedule

ralph follow me on mastodon if you see this

wish me luck on midyear exams

why do I feel like i said this last year?

For decades people thought you couldn't keep Koalas in captivity because they would stop eating due to stress and starve to death, but it turned out that they were literally just too dumb to figure out how to eat out of bowls.

oh shit ethereum classic just got 51% attacked

interesting reading the first articles of Chris Siebenmann's blog from 2005

he was still on dialup?!

so apparently the ebates browser extension is technically licensed under MPL-2.0, according to

lowkey who is this akito guy who keeps following me and hates the royal family

kind of scary seeing Jason Scott's website getting blocked ( and seeing that even if Google doesn't control the whole web *per se*, it can effectively wipe you off of it if it wants.

listening to information about data cassette tapes for *some reason*

looking at the ways molex to sata adapters can catch fire and screaming

>tries to start vm configured to passthrough to graphics card
>whole machine instantly locks up

this is a good sign of things to come
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